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1285-NEWS - semi invisible joint for "XXL" top realization

NEWS - semi invisible joint for "XXL" top realization

With a new technology we have managed to make "semi invisible" the joint on different materials, including ceramics

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Our Products

Entirely "made in Italy", they are the result of a severe master, synthesis of beauty, aesthetic content, originality and recognition. The skilled hands of our craftsmen transform stone into unique and exclusive artifacts.

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1409-Our Products


The veined surface and the characteristics of marble produce the perception of a warm, lively space, giving energy that, combined with strength, conveys prestige and elegance. The choice of highest quality materials allows the use in a variety of applications, in construction as well as interior design.

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History of our creation

LA BERICA MARMI was founded in 1969 and has more than 50 years of experience in the processing of natural stone. Its founder Gianfranco started the business in a small laboratory, but his entrepreneurial spirit was so strong that major investments were made to expand the production activity. In the early 1990s, his son Lorenzo took over management, gaining the necessary experience to incorporate new technical materials and advanced technology machinery into production.

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545-History of our creation


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